JACK ENDINO (Estados Unidos)
JACK ENDINO is a Seattle-based record producer, recording engineer, and musician who has made over 500 records in his 31-year career. Jack helped create what became known as “the Seattle Sound” of the early nineties, having recorded or mixed 44 out of the first 100 releases on the legendary Sub Pop record label, including debut records by Nirvana (“Bleach”), Soundgarden (“Screaming Life”) and Mudhoney (“Superfuzz Bigmuff”). Some of his international clients include Brazil’s Titas (5 albums), Mexico’s Guillotina (4 albums), Ireland’s Therapy?, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson (UK), and The Ganjas and Yajaira from Chile. Jack has produced records in 14 countries and continues to play in bands as guitarist, bassist and vocalist. Journalists have called him “Chief Architect of the Seattle Sound” and “Godfather of Grunge” but Jack says “I’m just a guy who likes to make rock records.” He currently manages a recording studio in Seattle called Soundhouse.