EXIT / Warriors Dance / YOUROPE
Ivan Milivojev is CEO and one of the founders of several festivals: EXIT festival (Serbia), Warriors Dance Festival (Serbia), Sea Dance (Montenegro), R:EVOL:UTION (Romania), Sea Star (Croatia), Festival 84 (Bosnia) and amazing art festival DEV9T (Serbia). Since the founding of all festivals Ivan is program manager and board member. Besides dealing with artist booking Ivan is enrolled in all stages of developing and dealing with production, health and safety etc. Twenty years of festival experience along with promoting projects such as Die Antwoord, Juan Atkins and Philharmonic Orchestra, Robbie Williams, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Franz Ferdinand , Madonna, The Chemical Brothers, Manu Chao, Gentleman, ZAZ, Cheikh Lo, The Prodigy and many others. Since 2011 Ivan Milivojev is board member of YOUROPE.