Montreal International Jazz Fest
I have been working as programmer/talent buyer (I prefer programmer) at the Montreal Jazz Fest since 2017. Before that I also worked in the press relations and in the publicity team since 2013 at the Festivals. It really helps when it comes to build an event as a one/off or just a show that’s different from the rest of the tour that the artists are presenting. What kind of promo is needed, which journalist or media should be contacted. We’re presenting 500+ concerts over 9 days so it’s always good to make things differently. I also worked for about 15 years with bands as tour manager, so I know what’s coming on the other end. Did I mentioned that we also have a ‘’french’’ festival called Francos that happens just a week before Jazz Fest for another 9 days with 300+ concerts? We’re programming a lot of artists if I may.