All you need to know about Fluvial 2020

Fluvial is a space where artists and agents of the world’s music and creative industry converge, in a reflective and festive environment, with live shows and interventions in public spaces and concert halls of the city.

The concept is consolidated into two large thematic blocks: conference and festival, where music and the river-urban landscape of the historic city of Valdivia (1552) serve as a basis for living a cultural experience while at the same time agents, managers and producers exchange ideas, knowledge and come up with new business ideas for the circulation of music around the globe.

Fluvial seeks to strengthen the Chilean music industry and to promote its internationalization.

The fourth edition of the event will take place between December 10 and 12, 2020.


Fluvial is a music conference and festival that seeks to promote and strengthen the development of Chilean artists and the Chilean music industry, as well as contributing to the education and reflection on art, creative industries, society and the environment.


Fluvial aims to become the main music industry showcase from South America, with a sustainable and inclusive concept, particularly focused on respecting the environment and strengthening cultural identity.


• Contributing to the positioning and strengthening of the Chilean music industry, proposing a debate on creative industry and its link with the community, the territory and cultural landscapes.
• Contributing to the strengthening of professional networks and the exchange of experiences on music development and its social impact both on a national and international level.
• Promoting and spreading new music by committing to programming aimed at renovating talent and fostering the creation of new audiences.
• Promoting human development through inclusion, cultural diversity and sustainability criteria and actions.


Fluvial seeks to become an active agent, by participating in the circulation of knew insights, which can contribute to the development and sustainability of the music industry and of national society, providing content for the generation of public policies and creating relationship opportunities at a global scale.
Fluvial seeks to generate human development alternatives which can satisfy society's new paradigms and transformations, empowering individuals, strengthening their culture and national creative industries.
Fluvial aims at raising awareness and taking actions around the climate emergency we are facing, through environmental and heritage education activities, as well as managing and producing the event's activities within a context of respect towards people, cultures and the environment.