Fluvial cancels 2019 edition

To our friends, bands, musicians, public and private institutions, sponsors, accredited professionals, national and international guests, the public, suppliers and collaborators:

It is with deep regret, and after numerous efforts to prevent this to happen, that we announce that Fluvial 2019 is officially canceled.

Convinced that Fluvial is a space for the development of arts and creativity, which fosters the value of culture and music for the development of society, and the processes of socio-cultural changes, like the one we are living today, we were determined in upholding our will to move forward, however, the situation in our country has led us to take the difficult decision of canceling the event.

The uncertainty of the event’s feasibility; of providing and assuring safety for all spectators, as well as the numerous violations of human rights that are happening in the country, compel us to show support for the victims, which include artists, cultural agents and workers.

It is a historical moment for Chile, an opportunity to build a better country, and as Fluvial, we want to join in and become an active element of the changes that are required. We support and we adhere to the social demands raised by the social movement, and we express our most profound rejection to all forms of violence. Having confirmed the cancellation of Fluvial 2019, the implementation of activities which contribute to the development of deep and real changes that are needed to move on towards the dignity of the country and each of its inhabitants will be informed by IMICHILE and the Universidad Austral de Chile.

We thank everyone who has participated and supported Fluvial in its three previous editions. We hope to come back next year with renewed strength and a fairer country.

Fluvial Team

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